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Foto FußballszeneMany people suffer from cartilage defects associated with inflammation and pain.

Every step is dangerous and no matter whether you are dancing, playing football or walking, your knee has a really tough job. When the heel hits the ground, the weight on the knee is 5.5 times that of the body weight, i.e. with a body weight of 60 kg the knee is loaded with as much as 330 kg.

Just one wrong move can damage the cartilage. As joint cartilage has only limited regenerative capacities, you will probably have to undergo orthopaedic surgery after this kind of injury. Even minor and barely noticeable injuries that are quickly forgotten often cause osteoarthritis decades later.

Unfortunately, there are no conservative treatment options for these cartilage defects. Although medication or physical therapy can relieve the symptoms, they cannot regenerate the damaged cartilage.

With the cartilage regeneration technologies CaReS®-1S and CaReS® Arthro Kinetics pioneered in the permanent and effective restoration of cartilage defects.

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