Step by Step


Many people suffer from inflamed and painful cartilage damage.

Danger lurks with every step: wether it’s while dancing, playing football or simply taking a walk – the joints (knee and ankle joint) carry a heavy burden. One wrong movement can lead to cartilage damage in the joint, which has limited regenerative and repair capabilities. This can lead to neccessary orthopedic surgery in the future. Even the smallest injuries, hardly noticable and quickly forgotten, can lead many years later to osteoarthrosis.

As yet, there is not a non-operative treatment to assist in healing cartilage damage. Medication and patient exercise can assist disorders, but are not able to repair the damaged cartilage.

With this new approach – the cartilage regeneration technologies CaReS® basic technology and CaReS®-1S by Arthro Kinetics – a big step is made towards durable and effective regeneration of damaged cartilage.